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sukena Sukena 4 Feb, 2016

Choosing Right School For Your Kids

Have you ever rated school or schools you went all your life for study?

Did you ever realize how did it impact your career growth? Did it polish your behavior or make it worse?

Whatever we do at our workspace or home; we bring it from school. Schools put long lasting impact on our future; it can make it or, break it. Choosing school wisely is as important as choosing best doctor for a treatment.

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zabro zabro 14 Jan, 2016

Use Smart Pupils to manage all your Students

The success of every school depends on how they manage their student’s life cycle.

Students' life cycle include but not limited to: their induction into school, their promotions, achievements, failures, distinctions, CCA and their exit. It doesn’t only require a huge amount of time, human resource and smartness but a lot of stress & space too.

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zabro zabro 21 Nov, 2015

9 Reasons why all schools need school software

Our lives have been taken over by different gadgets like Cell Phones, Tablets, Phablets, Computers, pagers & so on.

Similarly android phones have made our lives more & more easier than ever before. You need a Cab to go to shopping, just a one click and you have a cab at your doorstep; or you need a food and cannot cook it by yourself, just few clicks and food is served at your home; or are you travelling to Rome and need to pay your bills at United States; you can make it in couple of minutes.

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sukena Sukena 30 Oct, 2015

A Journey from Chalkboard to Tablet

It is for no surprise that history tells us that chalkboard was introduced in 11th century in Indian Schools. Education was always on rise in India until British invasion in 18th century. Indians used to write left to the right and with a white material. Large blackboards are assumed to be used in 16th century in Europe for music education and composition classes.

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zabro zabro 21 Aug, 2015

Here We go.. Smart Pupils Version 2.0 is released

Finally the smoke is over and Smart Pupils team released most anticipated version of Smart Pupils. Here is a quick overview of some of the awesome features which will make our customers’ life easier and happier.

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zabro zabro 30 May, 2015

Smart Pupils-Revolutionizing Education

Think if a famous Rhyme of 18th century,

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Being taught to your children in their school with the same old style of teaching as you were taught!!


There is a School that teaches it with animated video, recorded in American accent & powered with charismatic sound!!

This is not all that a Smart Pupils has done; but it has also brought old fashioned & Non ICT schools to the stage where, they are competing with Top-Notched schools of the world.

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zabro zabro 30 May, 2015

Creating Time Table-Never Easy Before

Ever Since Schools have advanced to multiple courses and class timings, it has been very difficult to create and manage Time Table for administration. Assigning right course to right teacher on a right day and on right time is always a tricky task. All you need to do is to efficiently bring together below components:

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