Smart Pupils-Revolutionizing Education

Think if a famous Rhyme of 18th century,

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Being taught to your children in their school with the same old style of teaching as you were taught!!


There is a School that teaches it with animated video, recorded in American accent & powered with charismatic sound!!

This is not all that a Smart Pupils has done; but it has also brought old fashioned & Non ICT schools to the stage where, they are competing with Top-Notched schools of the world.

What is Smart Pupils?

Smart Pupils is here to revolutionize the education sector by introducing interactive learning to K-12 students. SP aims at bringing schools with little or no technology to the point where they can compete with best schools from developed nations.

Smart Pupils is an online cloud based School Management Software that elevates schools from traditional administration method to a connected state-of-the-art and technologically advanced school of the 21st century.

will immediately visualize the concept behind the lesson that child is learning on that day. SP has its ideology based on interactive learning methods to change the way we have been educating our children. Our current method leaves 90% of the children wondering what the teacher was talking about, compared to a method where a short animation or a video clip is shown to the class, where 99%

Smart Pupils also focuses on bridging the communication gap between students, parents, teachers and administration by offering social tools that are currently missing from our educational ecosystem.

SP is on a verge of making every student a Smart Pupil

Why do Schools need Smart Pupils?

Education no doubt needs to be the top priority for a nation if it needs to prosper. Looking at our current scenario, where we have ghost schools, absent teachers and non-existing administration, a platform is much needed to streamline the mess we have created.

SP intends to modernize the daily routine operations of a school by the use of Cloud based integrated end-to-end software, while at the same time, by engaging not only the teachers, parents & admin but also students to play an active role.

What Needs of a Schools SP meets?

SP meets all the requirements of small, medium or large schools existing anywhere in the world. SP has been implemented in US, India, UAE and Cadet colleges of Muree, Bhurban and Qutbal & Air Foundation School Systems in Pakistan for R&D and implementation.

Today, SP has reached to the level that it could cover all of the School activities including but not limited to: Administration, Academic, Finance, Inventory, Fees, Library, Timetable and almost everything that any school performs.