Smart Pupils Benefits

Benefits to Management

  Easy to use - user-friendly interface - Easy to learn

  Online Web-Based System (easily accessible from everywhere)

  No downloading / installation needed - ready to use on any computer

  Centeralized Online Database - interactive on-the-fly reporting

  Comprehensive reporting

  Auto Data Backup to prevent data loss

  Dedicated support staff

  Effective coordination and collaboration with the client

Benefits to Students

  Enhanced interaction with other students, teachers and school administration

  Online submission of homework

  Download assignments / course notes uploaded by teachers

   Take test / exams online

  Easy access of assignments & exam results online

   Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums

  Play interactive learning games

  Access to library catalog & reserve a book online

  Prior information about school events & holidays

Benefits to Teachers

   Effortless marking of students attendancen

  Computerized management of marks & grade

   Homework assignment to students

   Efficient & effective interaction with parents

   Access to online forums (also accessible to parents & students)

Benefits to Parents

  SMS notification for important announcements

  Multiple students access for parents with more than one student in the school

  View student assignments and homework

   Review students marks and overall performance in the class

   Instant SMS notification on student's absence from the school

   View syllabus, notice board, exam schedules and holidays information

   SMS / Email alert on fees due reminders and fees paid notifications

  Participate in discussion forums & opinion polls

   Image gallery for school events

   Regular school updates through newsletters