Creating Time Table-Never Easy Before

Ever Since Schools have advanced to multiple courses and class timings, it has been very difficult to create and manage Time Table for administration. Assigning right course to right teacher on a right day and on right time is always a tricky task. All you need to do is to efficiently bring together below components:

  • Classes
  • Teachers
  • Courses
  • Rooms
  • Periods (Time Slots)

These components are also called CTCRP. Coordinating CTCRP is more of a science than an Art.

We chose our clients and asked them two important questions before revamping our Time Table module:

  1. How much time does it take to create a Time Table for one specific class?
  2. How is it likely to change/modify time table during one Academic Session?

To our surprise, an average time that Schools usually take to create a time table for only one class is 22-25 Minutes. Most of the schools takes one complete working day to draw first sample Time table and would take half a week to finalize it. The primary cause of this problem is to Synchronize CTCRP at one particular place and start coordinating them efficiently.

Answering to our second question: Statistics show that,on an average every school has to modify/change time table 13 times during one Academic calendar. There are lot of factors involved in repeating this job like Teachers Turn Over, Switching in assignments etc.

Our primary objective was to address both issues for schools and make their life easier bygiveing them a quickest way to create Time Table. In Smart Pupils we synchronized CTCRP at one place and let users coordinate them in one click.

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All they need to do is to select Courses, teachers and Class Rooms through a Pre-filled data. This wont take more than three seconds for each class timing.

After creating time table, if school needs to modify data in time table all they need to Right click and edit. This wont take more than one Minute.

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Smart Pupils Time Table module helps schools create Time table only in two minutes for any class. And also, if one needs to modify data after saving Time Table, Smart Pupils will not take more than few seconds.

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We have also embedded time table into Teachers and Students portals so that they can only view their class time tables anywhere anytime.

Team Smart Pupils